Scarborough - York Region Chinese Business Association


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Mission Statement 使命

To be the premiere business organization serving the needs of the Chinese speaking Businesses Community, and to be a strong business advocate supporting sound government policies.為了服務於中國的企業來講社區的需求首映商業組織,並成為一個強大的商業倡導者配套完善政府的政策。


To promote unity, co-operation and mutual assistance within the Chinese business community in Scarborough, North York and York Region in Ontario. 為促進士嘉堡,北約克和約克區在安大略省中國商界內部的團結,合作和互助。
To serve as a liaison body for the members of the Association with various 作為一個聯絡機構為協會會員的各種
levels of government and other business associations. 政府和其他商業協會的水平。
To assist in the development and promotion of Chinese business in 為了幫助在開發和推廣中國業務
Scarborough, North York and York Region in Ontario. 士嘉堡,北約克和約克區在安大略省。

The MCBA will continue to serve the community better, bring in more valueadded services and business opportunities to all members.該MCBA將繼續服務社會的美好,帶來更多的增值服務和商業機會給所有成員。

Mission Statement 使命
The Scarborough York Region Chinese Business Association was established in 1982 following the extraordinary growth of Chinese population - “new immigrants” came to Scarborough, York, flowing to Markham and Richmond Hill.士嘉堡約克地區中國商業聯合會成立於1982年之後中國人口的飛速增長 - “新移民”來到士嘉堡,約克,流向和萬錦市列治文山。 It is therefore essential that there be an alliance of Chinese businesses, a united voice that can command attention.有是中國企業的聯盟,一個團結的聲音,可以引起大家的注意,是必不可少的。 During these years, we have shared the good times and the bad times with our members consisting of entrepreneurs, small business people and professionals from a large number of fields who operate or work in these regions.在這些年裡,我們已經與包括創業者,小型企業人士和專業人士從大量誰在這些地區工作或工作領域我們的成員共享的時好時壞的時候。 We act as a liaison between our members and the three levels of government on matters of business as well as community affairs by collecting opinions on government measures, policies, either enacted or to be enacted, through surveys, seminars, and relayed to the responsible government offices.我們作為我們的會員和三級政府對企業和社區事務方面之間的聯絡人通過收集對政府措施的意見,政策,無論是頒布或將要頒布的,通過調查,研討,並轉發到負責任的政府辦公室。 Our voice supported by our members, has become loud and clear.我們的聲音通過我們的會員的支持下,已成為響亮和清晰。 The educational or informative functions that we organized have helped members to benefit through more understanding and better planning for their business.我們舉辦的教育或信息功能幫助會員通過更多的理解和更好地規劃自己的業務中獲益。 Donations made by our Association have helped to establish scholarship foundation which benefits university students in the many years to come.我們的協會捐款已經幫助建立了獎學金基金會有利於大學生在今後多年。 We have accomplished a lot in the past and we will continue to strive for better.我們已經完成了很多在過去,我們將繼續努力,爭取更好的。

Scarborough York Region 斯卡伯勒約克區
Chinese Business Association(SYRCBA)
4168 Finch Avenue E. PH#69 4168芬治大道E. PH#69
Toronto Ontario M1S 5H6 安大略省多倫多M1S 5H6
Tel: (416) 412 7661 電話:(416)412 7661
Fax: (416) 412 7661 傳真:(416)412 7661
Email: 電子郵件:

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